At Chalcid, our goal is to assist the industry in taking advantage of the latest computational technologies, helping extend your teams reach to find solutions to difficult and demanding problems. Whether you are trying to benchmark existing solutions, searching for opportunities to improve utilisation or, looking to understand the impact of fresh tactical and strategic plays. The game is always changing, we can help.

The Chalcid Team has a broad range of experience across a multitude of problems faced by logistics planning groups and managers. We work in both the trucking and rep routing space, have experience with rail and depot location studies, and can assist with network optimisation. And now with access to, and a deep understanding of Icepack’s range of solvers, we can assess and compare a range of potential solutions quicker than ever before.


Let's face it, decision makers in vehicle logistics scheduling have a tough time. Not only is the task of planning efficient routes an extremely difficult computational problem, it’s affected by changing order streams, resource availability, planning cut-offs, and customer demands. All this makes daily execution a challenge for even the best equipped teams.

Chalcid, as an official distributor for Icepack’s growing portfolio of cutting-edge optimisation services, can help companies by providing access to high-speed, high-quality routing solvers that are as simple as they need to be for the problem at hand, can be integrated into your existing environment, and require no additional hardware. Whether you run a national fleet with complex constraints using TMS and WMS systems and wish to extend and improve the decision support capabilities of your team or, run a small fleet of vehicles and just want some daily guidance on the best delivery options our services can help.

Read more about Icepack’s vehicle logistics solvers here


The insurance component of the business, which is a registered FSP, provides third-party claims handling services to insurers which includes settling claims under a policy, receiving claims from policy holders, maintaining a claims register, submitting a claims bordereaux and keeping adequate records. Chalcid also provides outsource services - currently to the Constantia Insurance Company, which involves the provision of an IT system which provides reports on the active policies with the insurer, provides complaint reports, claims management reports, receiving reports, reserving reports, storage of confidential patient records and generates claim bordereaux.