Who we are?  

Chalcid is a small but talented and multi-disciplinary team based in Johannesburg. Our members hold degrees in bioinformatics, applied maths, industrial engineering, operations research, statistics and computer science, and have considerable experience implementing and helping solve problems in partnership with our clients and service providers.

Why we come to work? 

We are passionate about expanding people's capacity to make better decisions, leveraging past knowledge, current expertise, and the latest advances in searching for needles in haystacks.

What we do? 

We take advantage of cost-effective access to large scale compute on the cloud, machine learning, and optimisation techniques to leverage our ability to help our clients find more effective solutions to operational problems. We value clear communication and collaboration with our clients and participate in sharing and learning from our peers in the community.

How we do it? 

Software development and cloud hosting management for specialised services that provided scalable analytics solutions to clients.

Bespoke consulting engagements in Operations Research fields, focusing on, but not limited to routing and scheduling, fleet sizing, rep routing and scheduling, depot location studies and a host of similar problems that require a combination of mathematical optimisation skills, and effective communication of the problem and the solutions. We aim to provide robust and objective trade-offs with constraints faced by strategic and operational planners in real world situations. 

Distributor and support for Icepack’s Optimisation as a Service offering. Icepack is an Irish based analytics and AI company that makes advanced problem-solving techniques significantly more accessible to industry and software service providers.  Icepack currently focuses on vehicle routing problems providing world class solutions from simple to complex logistics problems via a combination of sophisticated mathematical solvers, machine learning and scalable backend compute infrastructure. 

We are committed to continually seeking the best techniques available by following both the academic and industry literature, forging strong partnerships, supporting continual professional development and engaging with the community to learn and share knowledge.